What is Instagram REELS?

Instagram Reels is a brand new way to create fun & engaging 15 to 60 second video content. Reels is available in the United States and 50+ other countries.

Key Benefits to Instagram Reels

  • Creating quality & quick video content

  • A wide range of filters, audio files, and AR effects

  • Your content can be shown on the Explore page for everyone to see

  • Increased engagement from your followers

  • Increase of new followers

Two Pricing Course Options:

For your businesses convenience you can pay all at once or use our 2 month payment plan

How can REELS help you as an Entrepreneur?

In the past Instagram was difficult to grow and reach a new audience i.e.. clients/customers. However Reels, no mater your account size allows your videos to reach non-followers. You can have thousands of views on your video content, more than what you would get on a regular feed post - this allows for a quicker following!

  • More views (eyes) on your product

  • A quicker way to grow followers (clients/customers)

  • New clients/customers = new sales!

Learn Instagram REELS - Step by Step Online Course

Learn this new popular feature and start growing your Businesses Instagram reach!

Instagram REELS Curriculum:

  • 1


    • Introducing Instagram REELS

    • REELS Content ideas for any Business

  • 2

    What is Instagram REELS?

    • REELS allows you to create fun Videos from IG Stories

    • VIDEO - Where to find the REELS Icon

  • 3

    3 Steps in Creating & Editing a Video REEL

    • 3 Steps to REELS Success

  • 4

    STEP 1: How to Create your first REEL

    • How to Start your First REEL and using extras like; Music, Speed, and Filters

    • VIDEO - How to Create your first Video

  • 5

    STEP 2: How to Record your REEL

    • Shooting your First REELS Video

    • VIDEO - How to Record your first Video and Edit it!

    • VIDEO - How to Add Borders to your REEL (SEPT 2020)

  • 6

    How to Create REMIX Videos

    • REMIX is a Feature that Allows you to DUET with others

    • VIDEO - How to REMIX

    • VIDEO - How to Enable/Disable Remix Feature

    • VIDEO - How to REMIX from Camera Roll

  • 7

    How to Create TRANSITION Videos

    • VIDEO - Film Transition with Different POV

    • VIDEO - Outfit Change

    • VIDEO - Simple Transition using a FILTER

    • VIDEO - Transitioning showing products

    • VIDEO - Shoe Transition!

  • 8

    How to Use the Greenscreen Filter for Videos

    • VIDEO - How to Create a Video using Greenscreen

    • VIDEO - How to Add a Video Greenscreen

  • 9

    STEP 3: How to Share your REEL

    • How to Write a Caption and Multiple ways of Sharing Video

    • VIDEO - How to caption and then share your video!

    • VIDEO - How to watch REELS

  • 10

    REELS Aesthetic

    • How to keep your aesthetic look

    • VIDEO - How to add borders

  • 11

    How to use REELS for your Business

    • Best Content to Create: Educational

    • Content Ideas like: Product Reviews/Case Studies

    • 10 Awesome REELS Content Idea Guide

  • 12

    BONUS (Get the latest updates here!)

    • VIDEO - How to search and save favorite songs (JAN 2021)

    • VIDEO - How to Find Insights (JUNE 2021)