What are Instagram REELS?

Instagram Reels are your biggest growth hack on Instagram right now! Reels allow you to create fun & engaging 15 to 60 second video content. 

Key Benefits to Instagram Reels

  • Biggest Discoverability Opportunity

  • Your content can be shown on the Explore page for everyone to see

  • Increased engagement from your followers

  • Increase of new followers

Two Pricing Course Options:

For your businesses convenience you can pay all at once or use our 2 month payment plan

Your one-time payment gives you lifetime access to information to support your Instagram strategy for years to come. You will have lifetime access to program lessons and any updates that occur. As long as we are teaching, you have access to the courses. We offer lifetime access to the program so that you can go at your own pace and build on your strategy as time goes on. 

How can REELS help you as an Entrepreneur?

In the past Instagram was difficult to grow and reach a new audience i.e.. clients/customers. However Reels, no mater your account size allows your videos to reach non-followers. You can have thousands of views on your video content, more than what you would get on a regular feed post - this allows for a quicker following!

  • More views (eyes) on your product

  • A quicker way to grow followers (clients/customers)

  • New clients/customers = new sales!

Learn Instagram REELS - Step by Step Online Course

Learn this new popular feature and start growing your Businesses Instagram reach!

Instagram REELS Curriculum:

  • 1

    Welcome to Ready for Reels

    • Introducing Instagram REELS

    • Video-Ready for Reels

  • 2

    How to Explore REELS

    • VIDEO - How to Explore REELS

  • 3

    How to Create a REEL and Using all the Features

    • VIDEO - How to Create a REEL

    • How to Create your First REEL and using extras like; Music, Speed, and Filters

    • VIDEO - How to Create a REEL with Pictures

    • VIDEO - How to select Audio

    • VIDEO - How to find Trending Music

    • VIDEO - How to Search & Save Favorite Songs

    • VIDEO - Auto Syncing Music in REELS

    • VIDEO - How to Rename Original Audio/Sound

    • VIDEO - How to Add Voiceover

    • VIDEO - How to Select the Timer (15, 30, 60+ seconds)

    • VIDEO - How to Select the Speed for your Reel

    • VIDEO - How to Choose Effects for your Reel + Save them

    • VIDEO - How to use the Beauty Filter

    • VIDEO - How to use the Timer with and without Audio

    • VIDEO - How to use the Align Feature

    • VIDEO - How to Trim or Discard Video Clips

    • VIDEO - How to Trim and Edit Volume

    • VIDEO - How to Trash an Audio and Select a new one

  • 4

    How to Edit your REELS Video (Saving, Adding music, Filters, & Voiceovers)

    • VIDEO - How to Add Text & Make it appear/disappear

    • VIDEO - How to use Text to Speech

    • VIDEO - How to add GIF's to your REEL

    • VIDEO - How to Add Caption Text to your REEL

    • VIDEO - How to use the Writing Tool

    • VIDEO - How to Add Borders to your REEL using InShot APP

    • VIDEO - How to Add a Cover to your REEL

    • VIDEO - How to Create a Video Cover quickly in Stories to use for a REEL

    • VIDEO - How to Caption & #Hashtag Your REEL

  • 5

    How to Share your Instagram REEL

    • VIDEO - How to Share your REEL

    • VIDEO - How to Share your REEL in Stories using the Re-Share Sticker

  • 6

    How to use the Collab Feature

    • Instagram Reels Collaboration Feature

    • VIDEO - How to Use the Collab Feature

    • VIDEO - 1 Minute Collabs Tutorial

  • 7

    How to Create REMIX Videos

    • REMIX is a Feature that Allows you to DUET with others

    • VIDEO - How to REMIX

    • VIDEO - How to Enable/Disable Remix Feature

    • VIDEO - How to REMIX from Camera Roll

  • 8

    How to Create a Popular REEL Effect (Like; Transitions)

    • VIDEO - How to Create a Video using Greenscreen

    • VIDEO - How to Add a Video Greenscreen

    • VIDEO - Film Transition with Different POV

    • VIDEO - Simple Transition using a FILTER

    • VIDEO - How to Use the SPIN Transition

    • VIDEO - How to Use the ZOOM IN Transition

    • How to Create a Popular Reel Effect

  • 9

    How to use REELS for your Business

    • Get Inspired and Create a Plan

    • REELS Brain Dump Idea sheet

    • Best Content to Create: Educational

    • Content Ideas like: Product Reviews/Case Studies

    • REELS Content Ideas for your business

  • 10

    How to use your Insights

    • VIDEO - How to Find Insights (JUNE 2021)

  • 11

    BONUS - Facebook REELS

    • Facebook Reels

    • VIDEO - How to use Facebook REELS

  • 12

    BONUS - Video Recording Tips (Equipment we recommend, Sound, and Lighting)

    • Purchase a Phone Stand

    • Look at Eye Level or Up at Camera

    • A Microphone is Worth it

    • Have Good Lighting (Outside is always great)

  • 13

    BONUS - How to Create Videos using CANVA

    • Great Canva Hack - How to Remove Background from an Image

    • You can create a Video with Still graphics and ADD Animated Graphics

    • You can create a Video with Still graphics and ADD Animated Text

    • Using Canva's Video Templates

    • You can change many elements of a Canva Template Video

    • How to add any extra Element to your Video

    • How to Add more Video Clips (i.e. pages)

    • How to Replace or Upload new Video

    • Replay of Uploaded Video

    • How to Add sound or music to a Video

    • Replay of Sound

    • Options for Completed video and Sharing

    • Resize your Video for any Social Platform

    • How to Stay organized in Canva

  • 14

    How to Reply to a Comment with a Reel

    • Video-How to Reply to a Comment with a Reel

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