Why you should be using Instagram for your Business

Since its inception, Instagram has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes for looking to expand their presence and the visibility of their products. 

Getting started with Instagram is free and businesses can establish a significant following and in turn make sales - without spending a dime. 

If you have not jumped on the Instagram bandwagon...it's time to start now with our Online Academy! 

Course Payment Options for Every Budget:

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Your one-time payment gives you lifetime access to information to support your Instagram strategy for years to come. You will have lifetime access to program lessons and any updates that occur. As long as we are teaching, you have access to the courses. We offer lifetime access to the program so that you can go at your own pace and build on your strategy as time goes on. 

Reasons why Instagram is a great Marketing Strategy for your Business

and how your company can benefit!

  • Over 500 million people are on the platform on a daily basis

  • Any size or type of business can thrive

  • Businesses can make money directly from Instagram

  • You can partner and connect with local influencers and/or businesses

  • A #hashtag strategy can increase your visibility

  • You can effectively engage with customers

  • Mobility is king, Instagram is a pleasing platform via phone so people are on it longer

  • Instagram offers many ways to be creative

Instagram Course Curriculum:

  • 1


    • What you will Learn in this Course

    • VIDEO - How to Switch to a Business Acct

  • 2

    The Instagram Algorithm 2022

    • The Algorithm 2022

  • 3

    Instagram Insights

    • VIDEO - Accessing your Insights

    • Understanding your Insights - Content Tab

    • VIDEO - Individual Post Insights

    • Understanding your Insights further

    • VIDEO - Content Tab Insights

    • Understanding your Insights - Stories

    • VIDEO - Stories Insights

    • Understanding your Insights - Promotions

    • VIDEO - Promotions Insights

    • Understanding your Insights - Activity

    • VIDEO - Activity Tab Insights

    • Understanding your Insights - Audience

    • New Instagram Insights

    • VIDEO - Audience Tab Insights

  • 4

    How to help your Business Page Stand Out

    • How to Identify the Theme of your Instagram Page

    • VIDEO - Identify Target Market Worksheet

    • VIDEO - Identify your Customer's Pain Points

    • How to Create & Optimize your Instagram BIO

    • VIDEO - How to Change your Bio

    • Diving into the Instagram BIO Components

    • How to Create Content Buckets

    • VIDEO - Creating Content Buckets

    • Daily Checklist! [download]

  • 5

    How to have a Cohesive Brand

    • Define your Visual Style

  • 6

    How to Craft a Feed Post

    • How to Create Content your Customers Care about

    • How to Create a Post on Instagram

    • VIDEO - Boomerang, Collage, and Carousel Posts

    • Editing Photos

    • VIDEO - Edit and Filter Feature

    • Video tips and Creating a Carousel Post

    • VIDEO - How to Carousel Post

    • Multi-Image Posts

    • Tagging Posts Boost Engagement

    • VIDEO - Tag people in posts

    • Location Tagging

    • Video-How to Use the ADD Reminder Feature for Feed & Stories

    • VIDEO - Location Tag post

    • Location Tagging - How you get Discovered

    • How to Use the Collabs Feature-Learn More in the Reels Section

  • 7

    Instagram Video

    • What is Instagram Video?

    • VIDEO - How to find and use Instagram Video

    • Video-How to Remix a Feed Video


  • 8

    The Instagram Feeds: Home, Following & Favorites

    • Instagram Feed Options

    • Video: Instagram Feeds

  • 9

    Instagram SEO

    • Instagram SEO-Get Your Account Discovered with Search Engine Optimization

  • 10

    How to Write an Engaging Caption

    • How to Create Engaging Captions

  • 11

    It's all about the #Hashtags

    • How to find the right Hashtags

  • 12

    Instagram Stories

    • What are IG Stories?

    • Your Story Settings

    • VIDEO - How to Check your Story Settings

    • How to Create an IG Story

    • VIDEO - How to Upload to Stories

    • The Camera Modes

    • VIIDEO - Boomerang Mode

    • Super Zoom Mode

    • VIDEO - Super Zoom Mode

    • Using Filters

    • VIDEO - How to use Filters

    • Text Features

    • VIDEO - How to use Text Features

    • Brush Features

    • VIDEO - How to use Text Brush Feature

    • Bring your Stories to Life with Stickers

    • VIDEO - How to add Location & Hashtag Stickers

    • VIDEO - How to Hide your Hashtag Stickers

    • Mention Sticker

    • VIDEO - How to add a Mention Sticker

    • GIF Sticker

    • VIDEO - How to add a GIF Sticker

    • Music Sticker

    • VIDEO - How to add a Music Sticker

    • Poll and Emoji Slider Stickers

    • VIDEO - How to add a Poll Sticker + New Design in 2022

    • VIDEO - How to add a Slide Emoji Sticker

    • Question Sticker

    • VIDEO - How to add a Question Sticker

    • Countdown Sticker

    • VIDEO - How to add a Countdown Sticker

    • Quiz Sticker

    • VIDEO - How to add a Quiz Sticker

    • Donation Sticker

    • Shopping and Product Stickers

    • VIDEO - New Stickers (6/1/20)

    • Content Ideas for Stories

    • VIDEO - How to add any Post to Stories

    • Story Highlights

    • VIDEO - How to add a Story to a Highlight

    • Create Mode for Stories

    • VIDEO - How to use Create Mode

    • Using Stories Fonts [SEPT 2020]

    • VIDEO - How to use the Font Types in Stories [SEPT 2020]

    • VIDEO - How To Use Animated Text in Stories [SEPT 2020]

    • VIDEO - How to use the Photo Sticker in Stories [July 2020]

    • VIDEO - How to Use the Photo Sticker and Change its shape [JUNE 2021]

    • VIDEO - Best Stickers to use for Engagement

    • VIDEO - How to Use the Photo Sticker and Change its shape

    • VIDEO - How to use the CAPTION sticker in Instagram Stories

    • VIDEO - How to like a Story

    • Scheduled Sticker

  • 13

    The Link Sticker

    • How to Add a Link Sticker

    • How to Make Your Sticker on Brand

    • Link Sticker Update

  • 14

    Schedule Stories in Facebook Business Suite

    • VIDEO - How to Schedule Stories in Business Suite

  • 15

    Instagram REELS

    • Welcome to Instagram REELS!

    • VIDEO - How to Explore Reels

    • CHAPTER 1: How to Create a REEL and Using all the Features

    • VIDEO - How to Create a Reel

    • How to Create your First REEL and using extras like; Music, Speed, and Filters

    • VIDEO - How to Create a REEL with Pictures

    • VIDEO - How to select Audio

    • VIDEO - How to find Trending Music

    • VIDEO - How to Search & Save Favorite Songs

    • VIDEO - Auto Syncing Music in REELS

    • VIDEO - How to Rename Original Audio/Sound

    • VIDEO - How to Add Voiceover

    • VIDEO - How to Select the Timer (15, 30, 60+ seconds)

    • VIDEO - How to Select the Speed for your Reel

    • VIDEO - How to Choose Effects for your Reel + Save them

    • VIDEO - How to use the Beauty Filter

    • VIDEO - How to use the Timer with and without Audio

    • VIDEO - How to use the Align Feature

    • VIDEO - How to Trim or Discard Video Clips

    • VIDEO - How to Trim and Edit Volume

    • VIDEO - How to Trash an Audio and Select a new one

    • CHAPTER 2: How to Edit your REELS Video (Saving, Adding music, Filters, & Voiceovers)

    • VIDEO - How to use Text to Speech

    • VIDEO - How to Add Text & Make it appear/disappear

    • VIDEO - How to Add GIF's to your REEL

    • VIDEO - How to Add Caption Text to your REEL

    • VIDEO - How to use the Writing Tool

    • VIDEO - How to Add Borders to your REEL using InShot APP

    • VIDEO - How to Add a Cover to your REEL

    • VIDEO - How to Create a Video Cover quickly in Stories to use for a REEL

    • VIDEO - How to Caption & #Hashtag Your REEL

    • CHAPTER 3: How to Share your Instagram REEL

    • VIDEO - How to Share your REEL

    • VIDEO - How to Share your REEL in Stories using the Re-Share Sticker

    • CHAPTER 4: Using the COLLAB Feature

    • Instagram COLLAB Feature

    • VIDEO - How to use the COLLAB Feature

    • VIDEO - 1 Minute Collabs Training

    • CHAPTER 5: How to use the REMIX Feature

    • REMIX is a Feature that Allows you to DUET with others

    • VIDEO - How to REMIX

    • VIDEO - How to Enable/Disable Remix Feature

    • VIDEO - How to REMIX from Camera Roll

    • VIDEO - How to Create a Video using Greenscreen

    • VIDEO - How to Add a Video Greenscreen

    • VIDEO - Film Transition with Different POV

    • VIDEO - Simple Transition using a FILTER

    • VIDEO - How to Use the SPIN Transition

    • VIDEO - How to Use the ZOOM IN Transition

    • Transition Tutorial from TikTok & IG Influencer @vividsandbalayage

    • Fun Transition

    • How to use REELS for your BUSINESS!

    • Get Inspired and Create a Plan

    • REELS Brain Dump Idea sheet

    • Best Content to Create: Educational

    • Content Ideas like: Product Reviews/Case Studies

    • REELS Content Ideas for your business

    • Video-How to Reply to a Comment with a Reel

    • VIDEO - How to Find and Use your Insights

    • BONUS - Facebook REELS

    • VIDEO - How to use Facebook REELS

  • 16

    How to Convert a Story Highlight into a Reel

    • How to Convert a Story Highlight into a Reel

    • Video-How to Convert a Story Highlight into a Reel

  • 17

    Instagram GUIDES

    • What are Instagram Guides?

    • How to find Instagram Guides

    • How to share your Guides

    • Content Ideas for Guides

  • 18

    Instagram LIVE

    • Going LIVE on Instagram

    • VIDEO - How to Add a Title

    • Scheduling a LIVE on Instagram

    • VIDEO - How to Schedule a LIVE

    • VIDEO - How to Practice a LIVE on Instagram

    • How to use LIVE ROOMS on Instagram

    • VIDEO - How to setup LIVE Rooms

  • 19

    How to use Direct Messages

    • Direct Messages

    • VIDEO - How to use and setup Quick Replies

    • New Direct Messaging_OCT2020

    • VIDEO - Fun New DM Features!

    • VIDEO - How to use Messenger Rooms [June 2020]

    • VIDEO - Direct Messaging Features [OCT 2020]

  • 20

    Add Reminder Feature for Posts & Stories

    • Add Reminder

    • Video Add Reminder

    • Scheduled Sticker

  • 21

    What's New & Where to Find it by the Month

    • Course Additions in May 2022

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